January 26, 2021 1 min read

For those of you who are new to Holtz, we better bring you up to speed. We are currently in the process of adding 5 new Holtz children to our family (from Costa Rica). Yeah, I know, that sounds crazy… We’ll have 11 children…(6+5 =11 have to double check my math sometimes)!


After 2.5 years of pursuing adoption, we received our call that it is finally time to go and pick up our children!! Excitement has been high around here as we prepare our entire family to travel to Costa Rica…

Airline tickets for 13 people, hotel or Airbnb… How many rooms? How are we going to get around… Uber?… Oh, and we just found out that Costa Rican law requires all children under age 12 to be in a car seat. For our crew, that means 7 car seats. Where are we going to put those on the plane!? And how can we lug them around?

Just Yesterday…

Please pray with us as we just received a call that one of the thousands of legal documents had a misspelled name which may delay our travel dates. We are ready to bring the new Holtz children home!